Trust me to say I’m going to start blogging for the sake of blogging again, only to not write anything for two months and make my next post a rant. But hey, I wasn’t intending on following any rules, so here I am!

This morning, I found out that my sister is not getting the COVID-19 vaccine despite her eligibility and the fact it’s looking as though the Delta variant is not going to be successfully eliminated in New Zealand. This means vaccination is the only way to keep safe now. Her reasoning? She wants to have a baby.

Thanks to conspiracy theorists like her husband, my baby sister is willing to risk her life (and the risk is high for her as she is morbidly obese) just in case the vaccine affects her fertility. I honestly cannot imagine what the fuck goes on in the minds of people who think the potential life of a future THOUGHT is more important than an existing life.

Even if there was conclusive evidence that the vaccine affects fertility, why would you fucking choose to risk your life in favour of a MAYBE baby? What’s the point in being able to create life if you might not live to create it? What if you live, but you are permanently disabled and can’t adequately take care of a baby?

It’s even worse because she KNOWS someone who was disabled by a virus. She knows me. She chose her “I did my research while taking a shit” ass husband over me. This is very personal.

I am really trying to make sense of this. She has seen me post countless things about the importance of vaccination. She watched me get incredibly upset over the delay in my father getting it. She knows how much anxiety and stress this fucking pandemic has put me through, worrying about how it’s going to affect my loved ones, yet she still chose to believe absolute fucking junk.

It’s truly heartbreaking that someone could have all this information at their disposal, provided by someone they know is smart enough to know wtf they’re talking about and STILL choose this. I’m so mad and disappointed. So very, very disappointed.

I am desperately hopeful that she’ll come to her senses and put herself (and quite frankly, the safety of others) before her desire to give her husband a baby. I don’t want it to have to take someone she loves getting severely ill or dying for her to realise. It really shouldn’t take trauma to teach people that their bad choices have bad consequences. You should take every step available to you to avoid bad shit happening.

And dying is worse than not being able to make a baby.