It’s so strange to think about the fact that I used to be such a prolific blogger that I would feel bad if I missed my daily post and publish two posts in a day the next day to make up for it. Granted, very few of those posts were of any kind of quality I’d be happy with publishing nowadays, but it’s still strange that I now go YEARS between blog posts and only feel a slight twinge of guilt.

I know a lot of that has to do with the ever-waning popularity of blogs as a form of content creation. Most long-form content on the internet is delivered via video and audio and our attention spans for written content seems to be limited to a Twitter thread with maybe 6 tweets max. I often don’t feel like writing stuff that won’t be read, so I give up.

I have thought a few times about taking my thoughts to a podcast, but podcasts need focus. No one is going to listen to a general personal podcast that covers everything from chronic illness and immigration to social sciences and true crime to some random person’s life in general. I mean, I would… but that’s because these are interests specific to me.

There’s also the added aspect of the expectation to monetise your hobbies. Being chronically ill and unable to work a traditional job, I often think about trying to monetise things I enjoy doing. It then becomes about trying to create content that is good enough to make money from, but it never is.

I need to stop framing my blog as something I could eventually make money from (a difficult task nowadays with the whole waning popularity deal) and just write! I have a lot to say and I shouldn’t let the fact that it’s not always going to be quality stuff that people will drop everything to read stop me from doing it.

So, welcome to Met Moxie. A blog about whatever I want it to be about. Read it, don’t read it. But I’m gonna write it regardless. It might be absolute garbage a lot of the time, but the fact I always keep making a triumphant return to blogging every damn year means it’s clearly something I need to be doing.