Meet the Pets

Nicknames: Any play on the word ‘moose’ (Moosie, Mooseman, Moosie Goose, etc…), Moonse, Buddy, Dude, Sausage.
Born: October 2018.
Adopted: 25th January 2019.
Breed: Marvellous mystery mutt.
On the blog: #moose.

We adopted Moose from Zwerfhondjes Monemvasia, a Dutch-run Greek street dog rescue. I was scrolling through adoption listings, and Moose jumped out at me for a few reasons. Not only did he have similar colouring to my childhood dog, Cosby, he was also given the same name as Cosby’s brother by the rescue: Nash. That coincidence was enough for me to make the call!

Although we considered keeping the name he was given by the rescue, when we picked him up, I just had that feeling that he was more of a Moose. So Moose he became.

Moose is a super friendly sweetheart of a dog. He has never shown any sign of aggression towards people or other animals, and is what many neighbours have called “altijd vrolijk” (always happy). He has a little bit of selective hearing, and will often ‘forget’ how to do his tricks. He has anxiety around fireworks and walking alone with his dad (due to fireworks), but is otherwise a very well-behaved boy.

He loves walkies, demolishing toys that squeak, people watching from the yard gate, treats, and his dad. A lot.

Nicknames: Little Missus, Bubba, Bou, Cariboub, Cariboodle, Carobew, Karenboo.
Born: November 2020.
Adopted: 4th April 2021.
Breed: Marvellous mystery mutt.
On the blog: #caribou.

We adopted Caribou from Puppy Rescue Team, a Dutch-run Italian, Greek and Romanian puppy rescue. We were looking for a girl (to limit any aggression issues) to add to our family so we got in touch with the contact from the rescue we got Moose from and asked her to keep an eye out for suitable pups for us. She got me in contact with Puppy Rescue Team who had one yet-to-be-adopted girl pup from Italy.

Her original name was Stacey, and we chose the name Caribou to match Moose’s name.

Caribou came to us after an accident where her belly was torn open while she played with her siblings. Despite this trauma, she’s an incredibly confident, curious pup who is very eager to learn! She has a mild fear of new people, but as soon as she determines that they are “friend”, she becomes LOUDLY excited. She’s also a protector and unlike Moose, will for sure let us know if someone has arrived.

She loves nature (rocks and sticks are the BEST toys!), cuddles, playing with her brother, the sound of her own voice, and FOOD!


Nicknames: Picko, Felon, Ms Pix.
Adopted: May 2020.
Type: Black hooded standard.


Nicknames: Quinnsicle, Quinnsy.
Adopted: May 2020.
Type: Mink hooded standard.

Nicknames: Rubes, Rubens, (Ruby) Doobs.
Adopted: May 2020.
Type: Dove (ruby-eyed) variegated dumbo.
Passed: August 2021.
From: Respiratory illness.

Nicknames: Willy, Pillow.
Adopted: May 2020.
Type: Blue capped dumbo.
Passed: January 2021.
From: Intestinal blockage & fall.

Nicknames: Zoals, Zola Bubola, Zola Powered.
Adopted: September 2018.
Type: Black variegated dumbo.
Passed: December 2020.
From: Mammary tumour.

Nicknames: Cammiebear, Cameroon, Chonk.
Adopted: September 2018.
Type: Black bareback dumbo.
Passed: April 2020.
From: Unknown.

Nicknames: Breebles, Frwog, Breeze.
Adopted: September 2018.
Type: Black hooded dumbo.
Passed: March 2020.
From: Pituitary tumor.

Nicknames: Cheds, Big Cheds, Cheddar Bob, Cheddar Biscuit.
Adopted: September 2018.
Type: Black hooded dumbo.
Passed: May 2019.
From: Internal tumour.

Nicknames: Cooker Looker, Miss Looker, Koekje.
Adopted: September 2016.
Type: Black hooded dumbo.
Passed: April 2019.
From: Old age.

Nicknames: Zuul, Hah-zuul, Jerk.
Adopted: September 2016.
Type: Agouti Berkshire dumbo.
Passed: August 2018.
From: Pituitary tumour.

Nicknames: Bandeetus, Bandie Bum, Hot Bandito.
Adopted: July 2016.
Type: Black Berkshire rex standard.
Passed: April 2018.
From: Pituitary tumour.

Nicknames: Pixels, Pixo, Pixie Woo, Princess Pixie Pie.
Adopted: July 2016.
Type: Roan/husky standard.
Passed: March 2018.
From: Blood clot following an injury.

Nicknames: Juno Baboon-o, Juno Stacko, Agouti Cutie.
Adopted: March 2015.
Type: Agouti hooded standard.
Adopted out: January 2016 (when we left New Zealand).

Nicknames: Moxie Moo, Moxitocin.
Adopted: February 2015.
Type: Pink-eyed white standard.
Adopted out: January 2016 (when we left New Zealand).

Nicknames: Ivy Fivey.
Adopted: January 2015.
Type: Beige self standard.
Adopted out: January 2016 (when we left New Zealand).

Nicknames: Nuggie.
Adopted: July 2014.
Type: Champagne self standard.
Passed: March 2015.
From: Respiratory illness.

Nicknames: Munchie.
Adopted: July 2014.
Type: Black Berkshire standard.
Passed: February 2015.
From: Mammary tumour.

Nicknames: Harley Quinnsonson, Harley Farley.
Adopted: October 2012.
Type: Blue hooded standard.
Passed: January 2015.
From: Internal tumours.

Nicknames: Polo Lolo.
Adopted: October 2012.
Type: Silverfawn hooded standard.
Passed: January 2014.
From: Ulcerated tumour.

Nicknames: The Bumslayer.
Adopted: April 2011.
Type: Black bareback standard.
Passed: August 2013.
From: Facial tumour/old age.

Nicknames: Asteroid, Destroyer of Worlds.
Adopted: April 2011.
Type: Dove hooded standard.
Passed: September 2012.
From: Stroke.