Hello & welcome to Met Moxie. My name is Darnielle Sarjant, and this is my blog!

About Me

I honestly have no idea how to say this without sounding like one of those “it’s not a phase, Mom!” teens despite being well over a decade past being able to use it as an excuse, but I’m weird. I’m a weirdo 🤪. But at least I don’t wear a stupid hat.

I’m an ambivert who can’t get the same result on a personality test twice, a metalhead 🤘🏻 with an undying love of pop music, and a potty mouth 🤬 with a rather extensive vocabulary. My favourite colour is rainbow 🌈 but you will almost always find me dressed in black 🖤, I find beauty in “ugly” things, and I regularly have a caffeinated beverage ☕ right before nap time 💤.

I’m a mid-Millennial New Zealander 🇳🇿 living in the Netherlands 🇳🇱. I share my home with my husband 😍 Sam, our dogs 🐶 Moose and Caribou, and a mischief of pet rats 🐀 (Pickle & Quinn).

Fun Facts

  • My name is pronounced DAH-nee-el SAH-dʒint.
  • My nicknames are Dal (del) and Nellie.
  • I’m of mostly British 🇬🇧 & Māori 🇳🇿 descent.
  • Although I like to refer to myself as a (🌈) goth, “darkly inclined” is more accurate.
  • But I am a most definitely a bogan 🤘🏻.
  • English 🇬🇧 is my mother tongue.
  • Maar ik spreek ook Nederlands 🇳🇱… kinda.
  • I’m politically confusing & religiously null.
  • People assume I’m short standing next to my 197cm (6’5″) husband, but I’m actually 172cm (5’8″).

More Fun Facts

  • I’m a Taurus ♉ sun, Leo ♌ moon, Scorpio ♏ rising.
  • I am usually chaotic good, INT/FP & Type 4 or 5 when I take personality tests.
  • I’m an obnoxious Devin Townsend 👨🏻‍🦲 fangirl.
  • You’ll also hear me talk a lot about Sumo Cyco, Devilskin and Little Mix.
  • Harley Quinn and Madam Mim are my homegirls.
  • I love a good throwback, especially from the 90s & early 00s.
  • My favourite seasons are autumn 🍂 & winter ❄️.
  • But wait, there’s more…

I have multiple chronic illnesses 🥄, which have caused me to become “dynamically disabled”. For this reason, I can’t hold down a regular job, but I am a Jill-of-many-trades who takes work as it comes. I offer my services as a builder of websites 👩🏻‍💻, web, graphic & print designer 🎨, and writer & editor ✍🏻.

I love the exchange of knowledge 🧠, and before my health made me shift focus, I was working towards becoming a criminal psychologist ⚖️ and adult educator 👩🏻‍🏫. I have a BSocSc and PGDip in Psychology, a GradCert in Education Studies, and a Certificate in Tikanga Māori 👩🏻‍🎓.

My leisure time is filled with all the usual forms of entertainment 🎶📺📽️📚🎮🎲, cooking & baking 👩🏻‍🍳, planning 📅, stationery & paper crafts 📝, true crime content 🩸, exploring new places 🧳, and healthy-ish living ⚕️.

About Met Moxie

Met Moxie is my personal blog. I write about anything that tickles my fancy. The idea of niche blogging makes me uncomfortable because I don’t really have a specific lifestyle or hobby I’m that passionate about. To be quite honest, I enjoy blogging simply because I find running my fingers across a keyboard at speed to be very therapeutic. The major topics covered here are chronic illness, immigrant life, social sciences, alternative lifestyle, my hobbies, and life in general.

Although Met Moxie is a new blog, I have been blogging since before “blogging” was even really a thing. As a pre-teen in the late 90s, I would type up my posts in Notepad and drop them into a WYSIWYG editor with my e-mail address attached for people to “comment”. I taught myself how to code and made my way through various systems including Haloscan and Greymatter until the late 2000s when WordPress took over. I’ve taken breaks over the years, but I always end up back in the world of blog.

If you’d like to know more about me or Met Moxie, don’t be shy to have a look around. Some recommended reading includes:

You can also contact me with any other questions you may have.